Fort Belvedere reopens with two major exhibitions

29 June 2019 to 20 November 2019

Fort Belvedere reopens with two major exhibitions

Visitors have only from July to October (closing on the 20th) to see Fort Belvedere, the magnificent 16th-century fortress, home to important exhibitions and a wonderful vantage point overlooking Florence. Here you will find the majestic Renaissance construction by Buontalenti, commissioned by the Medici to complete the Signoria's defense system. Surrounded by terraces where you can enjoy a fabulous view of Florence, Fort Belvedere is located on top of the Boboli hill, famous for its beautiful gardens.

Thanks to the spacious interiors and splendid outdoor terraces, which allow for the installation and display of large works of art, Fort Belvedere has been home to important contemporary art exhibitions since 2013 and has attracted more than 700 thousand visitors to date.

There are two exhibitions scheduled at Fort Belvedere for the summer of 2019: "A perfect day" with huge photos by Massimo Listri, and "My Land" starring the great bronze animals of Davide Rivalta scattered across the terraces and Fortress gardens.

Fort Belvedere and its exhibitions will remain open until October 20.

You can easily reach Fort Belvedere from Hotel Loggiato dei Serviti: take bus 23 (which stops a minute away from the hotel), get off at Ponte alle Grazie, and continue for three stops on the "Bus delle mostre d’arte" (Art exhibition bus), the FB line run by Ataf. Get off at via di San Leonardo, in front of Fort Belvedere.

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