Giardino dell’Iris

During this complicated period, we’d like to turn your attention to lighter thoughts, such as a little-known garden in Florence. A unique paradise where you can nurture your soul as you walk through wonderful fields of flowers, surrounded by their intense aroma and luxurious colors, a rare experience among the parks in Florence. We’re talking about the Iris Garden, Giardino dell’Iris. This isn’t your typical Italian park with flowerbeds and fountains, but a romantic garden on the Florence hillside, just a stone's throw from Piazzale Michelangelo.

In fact, in Giardino dell’Iris you can walk among olive trees and meadows scattered with irises, gathered in small groups of numerous varieties, indicated by a small sign placed near each group. There are over 1500 varieties of the flower present in the garden, including an extraordinary aquatic species housed in the pond and the prized Japanese "Louisiana" iris.

Why is there an Iris Garden in Florence? Because the so-called “lily of Florence” that symbolizes the city, is actually an iris. The Garden was created in the 1950s to pay homage to Florence’s symbol, thanks to the Italian Iris Society which established an international competition dedicated to the flower.

Every year, horticulturists from all over the world donate their best creations to the garden. After a waiting period of three years, the time necessary for the first flowering, it is finally possible to announce the winner of the prestigious competition.

Irises bloom in the spring, between April and May, which is why the Iris Garden is only open from April 25 to May 20 of each year.

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