Florence Museum of 1900 in Santa Maria Novella Square

Hotel Loggiato dei Serviti - Museo Novecento

In 2014, after longtime project, the Museo Novecento (Museum of 1900) has opened in Florence in Santa Maria Novella Square. The whole city enjoys a new gem, because the only thing that Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, was missing was a contemporary art museum.
The beautiful permanent collection of paintings, sculptures, installations and videos displays artworks of prominent OItalian and European artists such as Morandi, De Chirico, Rosai, Fadigati, Santomaso, to name a few.

Hotel Loggiato dei Serviti
recommends to all guests a beautiful 15 minutes walk to the Museo Novecento, a good chance to admireSanta Maria Novella Square and Church too, among the best worth seeing in Florence.

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