Things to do in Florence

This is our list of recommendations for Things to do in Florence in February and March to enjoy the city and its events, combining tradition and innovation among the historic sites of Florence.

Our list of things to do in Florence:

Let's start with the Calcio Fiorentino "Siege Match". On February 17 in Piazza Santa Croce, Florentines re-enact the historic 1530 football match against the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, to taunt him and his troops during their relentless siege upon the city. This is a must-see show with a costume parade, flag throwers, and a brutal Florentine football match where pretty much anything goes.

Again in Piazza Santa Croce, Florence hosts a tasty event from February 20 to 23 with "Florence and Chocolate", the artisan chocolate fair. Cooking shows, tastings, workshops, and chocolate aperitifs: an authentic wonder for the eyes and the palate!

Sunday, March 4 is dedicated to museums. In fact, it is the last Sunday for a while that will allow free admission to museums. This is worth taking advantage of, as the next Sunday with free admission won’t be until October 4.

From March 7 to 9 you can enjoy "Taste", the food festival at Stazione Leopolda. This year's theme is "I love food": special guests and chefs will talk about their passion for food. Don’t miss the “Ring del Gastronauta”, to discover the latest fashions and trends in taste.

Finally, on March 25 we invite you to Florence for the Florentine New Year. The highlight of the celebrations will be held in Piazza Santissima Annunziata, right in front of our hotel.

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